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123 Free Solitaire 2003 for Children - Free Solitaire Card Games for Children 1.6

123 Free Solitaire 2003 for Children - Free Solitaire Card Games for Children 1.6: 123 FREE Solitaire for Children is a collection of five great solitaire games. for Children is a collection of five great solitaire games: Doublets, Grandfather`s Clock, Klondike, Pyramid (Easy Couple) and Twenty. 123 Free Solitaire 2003 for Children features a winning layout, fast game play, rich sounds, extensive options, and quality help. Each game has more than nine trillion (9,999,999,999,999) possible games to play, so the game remains fresh no matter how many times you play. Play 123 Free Solitaire 2003 for Children

Ocean Puzzle 2.0.0: Ocean Puzzle is a game for children to help them learn how to use the computer.
Ocean Puzzle 2.0.0

game designed for young children to help them get acquainted with the basic controls of the computer. It also provides them with something that is both enjoyable and constructive to do at the same time. It is a puzzle game complete with a very user-friendly and intuitive interface with colorful pictures. It can be difficult to find games for young children, but this one is designed specifically with young children in mind. Unlike many other games

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10 Amazing Fruits 2.2: Ten Amazing Fruits is a fascinating game for young children.
10 Amazing Fruits 2.2

game for young children. This game stimulates imagination and develops eye-hand coordination. Controlling and changing the cartoon graphics fascinates children for hours.The different, funny Fruit faces that the children create can be printed or saved to disk. The cartoon graphics are easy to manipulate with a hand-point device, and the endless variety of cute (Fruit) characters captivates children`s attention for hours. Pre-school and kindergarten

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Butterfly Hunt 1.35.25: Exciting educational game for kids
Butterfly Hunt 1.35.25

Exciting game for children of all ages to teach them the alphabet, math and train their associative thinking. The object of the game is hunting for butterflies and arranging them in a collection bar. The game is very absorbing and can be found useful to not just educational institutions but also to parents concerned about planning their childrens education. The game offers 4 different levels; has a comfortable keyboard control and record board

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ABC Animals 1.0.3: Let your kids learn the alphabet while playing this memory game!
ABC Animals 1.0.3

children (age 4+). Match up pairs of beautiful animal pictures! It`s really easy to play. Just click on the cards to flip them over and try to find the pairs. Your main goal is to find the legendary unicorn as fast as you can. In this way you can earn bonus points. Rate yourself on the High Scores table! The game also helps to learn the letters of the alphabet while playing. Ideal preschool or first former educational game for kids - with children

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Juegos de Cocina 1.0: Lets play some cooking games! Download our toolbar and you will have freeaccess
Juegos de Cocina 1.0

game is the most enjoyable way to do it. What`s great about this cooking game is it also offers tips and tricks on the screen that you can use in your real kitchen. In the end your child will even learn how to cook! It doesn`t matter if you have children that are fussy eaters or if your children will eat just about anything that is in front of them, cooking is something most children like.This can also be very beneficial for those who have children

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Filler 1.1.0: Filler is an exciting puzzle game for whole family or personal fun.
Filler 1.1.0

game. Filler is an exciting puzzle game for whole family or personal fun. This game is splendid antistress and antidepressant game. You can use it as development and very interesting game for your children. 100 layouts of the field and 100 levels in advanced game, 100 levels in classic game, 11 special bonuses, graphic designed by masters of Russian Khokhloma painting - this is the short list of game features. Game rules of this puzzle are extremely

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